Audiences and Attribution

July 07, 2011—6:30 pm

About the Session

Topic: Audiences and Attribution

As the pace of technological development grows, agencies are presented with more and more opportunities to use data to serve the right message, to the right person at the right time. These opportunities are not without their challenges though. They require agencies to have the right platforms, tools and know-how in place to make this happen. Here, Paul Vassallo (Head of Trading) and Anna Foster (Head of Data Strategy), from Media Contacts, outline what the opportunity is for agencies, what is needed from publishers and why an attribution platform is necessary from the start. 


About the Speakers

Paul Vassallo, Head of Online Trading / Display at Media Contacts

Paul Vassallo is the Head of Digital Trading and Display at MPG Media Contacts, Paul has 9 years experience in the industry, previous clients include Sky, Dell, Barclays, Google, JD Williams, Halfords, Motorworld, QED-UK. Paul now works on all MPG Media Contact brand clients. Paul graduated from the University of Birmingham.

Twitter Handle: @paulvassallo





Anna Foster, Head of Data Strategy at Media Contacts

Anna is the Head of Data Strategy for Media Contacts, where she is well known for her data-driven thinking and focus on generating insight and marketing success from every bit of data available. Anna has a rich background with 9 years experience in industry, previously working for Tequila/London and ResponseOne agencies. Previous clients include, News International, BSkyB, Office World, Vauxhall, Unicef, Prudential, British Red Cross, AXA Sunlife, engage, Standard Life Healthcare, Open University, Royal British Legion, National Trust. Current clients include brands TUI, BMI, Nationwide, National Express, Camelot and East Coast. Anna graduated from Cambridge.

Twitter handle: @MediaContactsUK