Agency Trading Desks in APAC- 2012

March 01, 2012—2:15 pm

About the Session:

Agency Trading Desks in APAC- 2012


The media buying world is shifting at light speed as agencies and publishers deploy programmatic buying and selling platforms. As agencies launch trading desks they are utilizing DSPs, SSPs, DMPs and Data Exchanges to improve the efficiency of their buying and advertising. Come hear what one of the leading agencies is doing in Asia-Pacific and how this will transform media buying in the region.


About the Speaker

Matt Harty, General Manager, Accuen APAC at Annalect (Omnicom Media Group)

Originally from Australia, Matt has lived in Asia for over 20 years. He started in the internet in 1997 as the co-founder and employee #1 for SpaceAsia Media, the first Pan-Asian network founded in Asia. SpaceAsia sold in 2000 to Engage Inc. (CMGi) with Matt staying in after the sale. In 2003 Matt founded Activ8 Worldwide as a JV with Outblaze Ltd which handled global media sales for, Sanrio Digital (Hello Kitty) plus a number of other leading brands. Later he took a board director's seat on the Malaysia-listed Oriented Media Group Berhad. In 2009 Matt moved to News Corporation's .FOX Networks as VP for Asia Pacific and Middle East. Now the APAC General Manager of Omnicom Media Group's Accuen (the trading desk), Matt oversees the roll out of data-backed programmatic buying for many leading brands across the region.