Afternoon Keynote: Simplifying the LUMAscape: A Game of 3D Chess

April 18, 2012—6:25 pm


About the Session


Simplifying the LUMAscape: A Game of 3D Chess


The LUMAscape (by LUMA Partners) identified an overwhelming number of activities and companies involved in bringing together Advertisers and Publishers. Over the years, this LUMAscape concept has grown to include over 2,000 companies in over 200 categories across 8 unique LUMAscapes for display ads, search, video, mobile, social, commerce, digital capital and gaming. Navigating this complex ecosystem can often feel like a game of high-pressure chess! Perfect Market CEO Julie Schoenfeld serves as Chess Master for the afternoon and simplifies the LUMAscape into the three dimensions – Functionality, Positioning and Access Points – that are key to winning this game.




About the Keynote Speaker


Julie SchoenfeldJulie Schoenfeld


Perfect Market



Julie Schoenfeld, Chief Executive Officer of Perfect Market, is a proven entrepreneur with a passion for identifying talent and assembling effective teams. Julie previously was a founding member and CEO of two other successful venture-backed startups. From its creation in 2000 to February 2007, Julie was president-CEO of OEwaves Inc. She remains active on OEwaves' board of directors. Before that, Julie was president-CEO of Net Effect Systems Inc. In her 18-month tenure at Net Effect, she raised two rounds of financing from Greylock Management, Trinity Ventures and TL Ventures, built a world-class management team, launched the company and product and sold the company to Ask Jeeves Inc. for more than $288 million. Before Net Effect, she was VP of worldwide sales for Stream International, where she grew sales from $30 million to more than $200 million in three years. A recognized industry spokesperson, she serves on the board of the Young Presidents Organization of Los Angeles (YPOLA). Julie holds a B.S. in engineering from Tufts University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.