Advertising with Data from Social Media

February 09, 2012—6:30 pm


Session title: Advertising with Data from Social Media


Social Media is continuing to grow and evolve and is now providing marketers with a new and unique stream of data.


Claude Spasevski, Chairman and CEO of Marnie Digital leads this Focus Session detailing how he’s been using this data to target through the likes of Facebook Connect and now with new kid on the block - Badoo.


Claude looks at how best to utilise Social Data in the current digital ecosystem as well as the challenges of delivering to clients with this increased information.


About the Speaker


Claude Spasevski 

Chairman & CEO

Marnie Digital


Founder of Marnie Digital, agency bringing creative and emotional communications, connecting and interacting with audiences. Operating in Mexico, UK and France.

Media and advertising Industries are in complete transformation, digital audience fragmentations are increasing and advertisers are in need for innovative approaches.

Previously managing media and communication for Orange worldwide with more 1B€ yearly budget and more recently in charge of the business development for the Orange Advertising Network in EMEA and America's.

Founder of Happy Audience Ltd, a TV, a boutique Cinema Production and Distribution company based in London and Paris.