Advertising in the Post-PC Era

May 15, 2012—8:20 pm

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Advertising in the Post-PC Era

Technology is changing our lives at a faster and faster rate and as we approach the era of Quantum Computing, that change is about to accelerate. Our speaker, Russell Buckley, will be talking us through why change is accelerating and how to understand the implications for businesses, especially retailers and brands. This will be followed by a look at the fundamental forces for disruption in the next few years and next decade.

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Russell Buckley
Chief Marketing Officer
Eagle Eye Solutions

Russell Buckley is a leading practitioner, speaker and thinker about mobile and mobile marketing. ‘MobHappy’, his blog about mobile technology, is one of the most established focusing on this area. He is also a previous Global Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, a founder of Mobile Monday in Germany and holds numerous non-executive positions in mobile technology companies.

Russell learned about mobile advertising startup, AdMob, soon after its launch, and joined as its first employee in 2006, with the remit of launching AdMob into the EMEA market. Four years later, AdMob was sold to Google for $750m. By night though, Russell is fascinated by the socio-political implications of technology and recently graduated from the Executive Program at the Singularity University, founded by Ray Kurtzweil and Peter Diamandis to “educate and inspire leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing

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Title: How Real-time Bidding Changes Mobile Advertising

Mobile penetration and engagement are at an all-time high, yet advertising on mobile devices has only just scratched the surface.  From improved targeting to a better user experience, this session will address mobile-specific challenges and explain how real-time bidding changes the dynamics of mobile advertising.  With increased transparency and control, both mobile app publishers and advertisers stand to benefit from increased liquidity and better returns.

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 Jim Payne
 MoPub, Inc.

 Jim Payne is CEO and founder of MoPub, a monetization platform for mobile publishers, backed by  Accel Partners and Harrison Metal Capital. Jim founded MoPub in 2010 to help mobile app developers  monetize their apps more effectively. Prior to MoPub, Jim was on the product team at Google, where  he managed the Google Maps Premier product line and started Google's real-time search initiatives.  After Google, Jim joined AdMob to develop new advertising products for performance-oriented advertisers. Jim has a B.S. in Computer Science from MIT and is passionate about technology, travel, skiing and music.