AdTruth Keynote Intro: Mobilizing the Ecosystem – Solving the Audience Recognition Crisis

April 04, 2013—5:50 pm

Mobile has certainly earned a seat at the table but it continues to be treated as a separate entity. While it’s true that mobile is different it deserves to be thicker slice of the marketing pie. To make that happen, the industry needs to recognize that mobile is just as targetable and measurable as any other channel, and mobile is a channel to reach the same consumers across multiple devices. Are there challenges? Of course there are. But if we simply treat mobile as an extension of desktop, mobile advertising ROI will suffer. Platform fragmentation, privacy concerns and use case can all make mobile complicated but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In this session, James Lamberti of AdTruth will lay out the promise of mobile as part of the integrated marketing mix, explain the challenges mobile faces and describe how these can be overcome.