ADTECH Sponsor Session: Rich Media Re-imagined

October 06, 2011—2:10 pm

Sponsor Session




About the Session

Rich Media Re-imagined


ADTECH will share the core concepts behind its new approach to Rich Media enhancing the well-established, one-login Ad Technology solutions delivering across all devices.


About the speaker

Richard Bush, Director of Product, ADTECH


As a Director of Product at ADTECH US, Rich Bush is responsible for product, sales and customer support. His primary role involves development and oversight of strategic projects including ADTECH Video, ADTECH Mobile and ADTECH Canvas, a new rich media product launched in April 2011.


Richard Bush joined ADTECH in 2009 bringing a deep range of experience to the ADTECH team. He has worked in the internet- and computing-related industries since 1996, gaining a high level of expertise in a number of fields including development of commercial websites, relationship management, marketing technology, project management and consultancy.



ADTECH is an international supplier of digital marketing solutions and is AOL Advertising's ad serving platform. The company's flagship product is an integrated ad server solution that enables web publishers, ad networks, agencies and advertisers to manage, serve and evaluate virtually any kind of online advertising campaign including display, video and mobile formats. ADTECH’s solution differentiates itself from the competition through its scalable, enterprise-class infrastructure and user-friendly tools, providing users with increased efficiency, reliability and ROI for their online advertising business. ADTECH customers include major players like BSkyB, Hi-media, Gannett and Fox Networks. ADTECH AG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AOL Inc.