AdMeld Sponsor Session: Driving the Industry Forward

October 06, 2011—2:10 pm

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About the session

Driving the Industry Forward: the Co-Evolution of Premium Publishers & Brands


Premium publishers and brands working together are driving the online display industry forward. Content and context matter and publishers who develop the strategies to grow high-quality audiences are winning brand dollars. Brands, in turn are being pushed to cultivate advertising that provides more value. In this session, Ben Barokas, Co-Founder & CRO, Admeld, will discuss how programmatic buying and selling will continue to add more value to this process. He'll also cover how RTB is helping publishers achieve actionable insights on their inventory and what's in the pipeline for 2012 that will help them make more informed, efficient, and profitable decisions across all tiers of inventory.


About the speaker


Jason Kelly

Chief Media Officer, AdMeld 


As Admeld's Chief Media Officer, Jason oversees the company's global relationships with demand and data partners, and spearheads strategic projects serving the Web's largest and most prominent publishers. Jason joined Admeld from Time Inc., where he was Vice President of Strategy & Revenue Management. Prior to Time Inc., Jason was at Rapt, a part of Advertising and Publisher Solutions at Microsoft. Before that, he spent more than a decade in the airline industry, most recently as the director of revenue management, sales and online distribution for Virgin America.