AdMeld: Media Trading

April 14, 2011—2:30 pm


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The role of the ad operations professional is changing, and the tools that help publishers generate the type of margins that modern media organisations have to achieve are constantly evolving. The past few years in the media/advertising industry have been marked by significant technology innovation and disruption, three letter acronyms, and ecosystem charts. 2011 marks the year of the media evolution and in order for that to happen, those at the forefront of ad operations need to become leaders. Now more than ever, publishers and agencies are aligned to work together, and the market is moving in favor of publishers. Ad operations is no longer about just trafficking ads and pulling avails, but also about making smart revenue decisions for the publishing organisation. This breakout will cover cross media industry trends, how data management and programmatic buying and selling will continue to evolve, and the latest achievements in Real-Time-Bidding, and Private Ad Exchanges.


About the Session

Media Trading: How to Keep Publisher Ad Operations at the Forefront of the Evolving Media Space

 AdMeld’s presentation at the OPS London show will focus on helping premium publishers understand the changes in the market, reach new buyers and budgets and how to take advantage of the full value of their data and their audience. Tom will also talk about AdMeld’s experience helping clients run private exchanges and give publishers insight on how to get full value for each impression. Why OPS is important? OPS is so important because it’s unique. AdMonsters gets all of the right people in online ad operations together. AdMeld was born out of solving a core ad operations problem, and reaching that audience is still so important for us. No other organisation pulls the ad operations community together like AdMonsters – in every sense.

About the Speaker

Tom Jenen

Comercial Director, EMEA, AdMeld US


Based in London, Tom Jenen heads business development and operations for Admeld throughout Europe and the Middle East. Tom joined Admeld in 2008 after over fifteen years leading global marketing efforts for Media Mind (formerly Eyeblaster), Phorm, Falk eSolutions and Opus360/, and his pre-Internet career as Creative Director with marketing communications and direct marketing agencies. Tom holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.