2011: Where Mobile Devices Fit in the Ad Jigsaw Puzzle

December 09, 2010—6:45 pm

About the Session:

2011: Where Mobile Devices Fit in the Ad Jigsaw Puzzle
The mobile marketplace has quickly evolved; it’s no longer just about banner ads and CTR metrics. Mobile ad buys and measurement are becoming more akin to their online sibling, but with some additional and unique capabilities.  These new possibilities are igniting interest in the mobile eco-system…and advertisers are paying attention. This presentation will include demonstrations of unique rich media ads running on mobile devices and provide best practices for mobile ad operations.  It will also look ahead to some new ideas coming to the mobile platform in the year ahead.


About the Speaker:

Jennifer Gaudet JumpTap AdMonstersJennifer Gaudet

Sr. Manager of Ad Operations


In October 2008 Jennifer joined Jumptap as the Senior Manager of Advertising Operations to lead the global advertising operations team with a strong focus on streamlining end to end processes and world class customer service.  At Jumptap, Jennifer is focused on managing the team of Account Managers to ensure all campaigns meet and exceed client expectations.  In addition to her day to day responsibilities, Jennifer is also involved in strategic projects that involve Video, Rich Media and 3rd party tags. 

Jennifer formed a cohesive Advertising Operations team in 2008 which evolved into an Account Management team focusing on all aspects of campaign and account management.  Prior to joining Jumptap Inc, Jennifer was the Regional Operations Manager at Yahoo!.  During her 5 years at Yahoo!, she oversaw a team of up to 15 traffickers and helped develop operational support models for both the onsite team supporting 50+ sales representatives, integration solutions for the Right Media and Blue Lithium mergers and processes and procedures for international outsourcing.