Redefining the Display Model via RTB

Redefining the Display Model via RTB


Martin van der Meij will be leading his session Taking the Secondary Channel to New Levels at OPS Markets in London on February 9


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How has De Telegraaf approached RTB and what do you see as the main challenges for publishers in the RTB market? 

The biggest challenge we see is making sure the premium/direct strategy stays separate from what’s happening on the Automated Trading Platforms (ATPs) – how do you prevent channel conflict? At TMG, we’re of course still struggling with this issue. But more and more people are seeing that ATP selling isn’t about “remnant” anymore. It’s about automated buying of standard IAB (right now). This means a shift in everything. Redefining your order process is key. For example, at the moment we’re working with a large advertiser in the Netherlands to figure out how we can help them improve all of their display budget. Not just the performance – everything. This whole project is based on RTB and data.

Do you think the RTB market will spell the end for the direct sales team?

Direct sales will change for sure, with more focus on non-IAB and a different approach for standard IAB display. It’s more about relationships, commitment over a longer period of time and helping advertisers and agencies into the automated space. People will always be important. It’s not the amount of people that change within a sales organization, but what they do. We need different scales. You need one sales team for the non-standard stuff and a highly technical team to help out in the automated space in the short run.


The value of data is becoming more and more apparent – how has De Telegraaf approached user data?

 We’re working on a data strategy from a holding perspective. Most people talking about data are speaking about behavioral targeting. We’re trying to connect our social network data and our offline data with BT so we can create specific valuable channels for agencies through premium seats on our ATP. Hopefully we can write a whitepaper about what we’re setting up with that advertiser I mentioned before.

What do you think are the implications of the impending ePrivacy Directive?

Little. “Nature will find its way,” as they said in “Jurassic Park.” People tend to focus on everything that’s going on with cookie laws and so on, but they forget a few other things. One of them is that 20% of our ATP traffic already is on iPads (which doesn’t support third-party cookies at all). The current ePrivacy Directive just helps us to keep in mind that we should do no evil and make sure we don’t forget about the consumers. The industry tends to focus on advertiser vs. publisher.

What sort of an impact do you foresee the directive having on the way you work with data and RTB?

As I said before, not much. The industry just needs to understand that not everything is allowed. Don’t forget about the consumers and collect what you need to collect, nothing more.

Tell us about the Automated Trading Platform – how did it came to be and what is your vision for it in the social field?

 At the moment we have started a Social ATP so agencies/advertisers can make automated buys on our social network. Over the next couple of months, we roll out lots of data so they can buy based on profile data. Lot of these campaigns are already on the platform, so we just automate the process. Bottom line it’s not that “new” – publisher Automated Trading Platforms these days are about facilitating automated buying. Everyone is asking if Hyves will become an ad network. Of course, we’re looking at this option. We’re looking at tons of options. I think that during 2012 you’ll see which options we actually want.

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