Feedback from Monsters

We're very proud of what the Monsters have to say about our conferences. Check out some of their unedited feedback below, and we think you'll agree!

"AdMonsters is definitely one of the greatest events I have been, it is more Think Tank than a conference and it is great!"
"AdMonsters is extremely useful and this conference was the most relevant conference I've ever been to for the business I'm in so it was perfect!"
"Very interesting & very well organized"
"The best, hands down."
"AdMonsters is definitely one of the greatest events I have been, it is more Think Tank than a conference and it is great!"
"I was extremely impressed... Much better than any other event I have been to."
"AdMonsters by far is the best conference I have ever attended."
"The most educational conference I've ever attended."
"AdMonsters helped my career progress to where it is."
"It's great to interact and share ideas with some of the smartest people in the biz."
"A nice way to hold the session. Request input from the attendees before adapting the presentation. Very participative."
"AdMonsters is the most useful career tool I have -- hands-down."
""This was incredibly useful for me""
"Fantastic useful and practical conference which provides us with industry leading ideas "
"I consider AdMonsters to be one of the most important resources I have and the best conference I attend all year."
"Relevant topics and the right mix of people are what makes AdMonsters the most useful conference that I go to."
"AdMonsters is the most pertinent of the conferences I've attended."
"Extremely useful, if there was only one event I could attend it would be AdMonsters."
""very useful as we work on things as a group""
""I think it's great for staying in touch with peers, keeping up relationships and learning new trends""
"The best conference I attend. Simply the best place for networking, sharing knowledge, and solving common problems"
"I find AdMonsters to be incredibly valuable. It allows for open discussion, and the building of camaraderie, amongst peers in our very narrow Ad Ops niche."
"Much more relavent than other conferences I have attended in the past."
"Thouroughly informative and enlightening."
"These are the only conferences I attend."
"AdMonsters is simply the most relevant conference I've attended this year."
"This was the best conference I have attended in a long time. I found the AdMonsters format very unique, useful and informative."
"Really important - the only forum available to raise operational issues"
"Extremely interesting and worthwhile"
"An invaluable place for folks to learn from each other"
"AdMonsters is a fountain of knowledge!"
"It was very beneficial as I am relatively new person in this field. It allowed me to meet others with the same challenges and learn how they are working to solve their issues."
"The caliber of presentations and the quality of the sponsors were both top notch."
"Very important to me. Gains me great perspective into how other operations run and helps me in planning new products and processes. keeps me up to date with changes in our industry."
"The most valuable conference that I've attended."
"Really useful. Totally focused on the issues affecting myself and my team. Great forum to develop adops teams."
"It was amazing to be surrounded by people who understand what you do!"
"The benefit AdMonsters provides for the ad operations world is unparalleled."
"AdMonsters provides an extremely helpful forum for learning, sharing discussion on topics not covered in other conferences. I cherish my membership."
"AdMonsters is the single best venue for learning from and connecting with the sharpest, most-motivated, digital ops professionals."
"I love this conference - the most useful that I've attended."
"The best conference I have attended for advertising operations. I can't believe I've survived this long without it!"
"Very important. Continues to be a great conference."
"This is the best conference for specific Ad Operations trends and best practices available."
"You don't get this level of expertise, knowledge and breadth of industry experience anywhere else."
"This was probably the most informative forum I have yet attended in my 5 years in the online ad-tech industry."
"The most beneficial conference I have attended."
"Thouroughly informative and enlightening."
"The most valuable career experience I've had in the last five years."
"More relevant and useful than others; I appreciate being a member!"
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