Feedback from Monsters

We're very proud of what the Monsters have to say about our conferences. Check out some of their unedited feedback below, and we think you'll agree!

"I felt a great connection with the other members of the group and all of the discussions were very engaging."
""This was my first AdMonsters conference and everything about this conference was exceptional.""
"Excellent and extremely useful!"
"Very useful, less theoretical than other conferences; valuable relationships and contacts for my daily business."
"An excellent resource to keep current and get insight regarding Ad Ops."
"I'm always impressed with the level of detail AdMonsters puts into their events. Each one always feels like a well oiled machine."
"Thouroughly informative and enlightening."
""This was incredibly useful for me""
"Best conference I've attended for ad operations professionals."
"AdMonsters is a "must attend" for any Ad Ops leader looking to stay ahead of the game."
"AdMonster is hands-down the best conference for this subject matter."
"It can't really compare to other conferences - blows them all away in terms of its applicability."
"I was extremely impressed... Much better than any other event I have been to."
"AdMonsters is consistently the most valuable conference that I attend."
"Relevant topics and the right mix of people are what makes AdMonsters the most useful conference that I go to."
"Everyone else is focused on sizzle, not the fork and knife."
"The most valuable educational and networking event I attend, hands down."
"Very important. Continues to be a great conference."
"I love this conference - the most useful that I've attended."
"Much more relevant than other conferences."
"Very interesting & very well organized"
"I find AdMonsters to be incredibly valuable. It allows for open discussion, and the building of camaraderie, amongst peers in our very narrow Ad Ops niche."
"The best conference I attend. Simply the best place for networking, sharing knowledge, and solving common problems"
"The open nature of the event means you get and give real insight into the big issues."
"This is the best conference for specific Ad Operations trends and best practices available."
"Best use of my time for any conference that I go to."
"If there was only one event I could attend it would be Admonsters."
"AdMonsters is a fountain of knowledge!"
"Admonsters as a group is invaluable. I don't attend any other conferences."
"More relevant and useful than others; I appreciate being a member!"
"No comparison!"
"AdMonsters is extremely relevant to what I do day in and day out. I love the material and the specificity of the topics covered. Often times we learn about the business as a whole, but getting into the details is where it really pays off."
"More directly and immediately useful than other conferences I attend."
"Great opportunity to get an understanding of the challenges facing us"
"The caliber of presentations and the quality of the sponsors were both top notch."
"Extremely interesting and worthwhile"
"AdMonsters is different in that it is open, personal, intimate, and practical. It's not a trade show disguised as a conference."
"AdMonsters is the most relevant and informative conference for my position."
"The most interesting conference I have attended."
"The most useful conference I attend with almost all content extremely relevant."
"AdMonsters is the most useful, applicable and actionable conference I have been to. The members are great and the relationships useful. The fact that AdMonsters faciliates member interaction outside of the Forums - priceless. I can't recommend it enough."
"AdMonsters is simply the most relevant conference I've attended this year."
"Very useful. Other conferences were more product focused rather than issue focused."
"Much more relavent than other conferences I have attended in the past."
"Very useful, consistently the most productive conference I attend each year."
"AdMonsters is 100% relevant to my daily job functions. It is the most valuable conference that I attend."
"Very useful - I have stopped attending other conferences."
"Extremely useful - only conference that has real substance and learning."
"AdMonsters blows all other conferences away! It is the by far the most applicable conference for Ad and Sales Ops professionals."
"AdMonsters is definitely one of the greatest events I have been, it is more Think Tank than a conference and it is great!"
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