Q&A with AdMonsters SE’s Jeffrey Seah from Starcom MediaVest on RTB, Vivaki’s Vision and More

Jeffrey Seah from Starcom MediaVest talks RTB, Vivaki's vision and more.

Jeffrey Seah from Starcom MediaVest talks RTB, Vivaki’s vision and more. Get the lowdown from AdMonsters SE Asia’s afternoon keynote in this enlightening Q&A below.

Do the senior advertisers and marketers actually care if media is ‘addressable’ and ‘automated’?

It has been positioned as the new holy grail of marketing. And it will attract attention from stock analysts, politicians, governmental bodies, besides the cost-saving agenda of CFOs and CEOs.

What do they really care about?

Productivity, and to a wider extent, accountability.    They will see this harnessing of technology as an insurance to overspending, and accurate targeting.

How can we adjust the RTB story into something that matter to them? What is the VivaKi vision? Globally and regionally?

Vivaki brands ensure that ideas are simply and efficiently delivered across a spectrum of media platforms and types. We combine our digital and media expertise with our passion (not to mention knack) for anticipating what will come next to give our clients one very distinct, desirable advantage: that of being First, Best and Only. We are either the first, best or only organization to explore new marketplaces as they emerge; to engage consumers using an undeniably integrated approach; or to use exciting new technologies to treat those consumers to something meaningful, memorable and utterly unexpected. In this case, this applies to RTB and DSPs.

What is VivaKi’s global and regional vision? How does this fit within the context of a ‘media agency’?

In SEA, we’ll be launching our proprietary Audience On DemandTM (AOD) service. Audience On Demand combines the performance and scale of a traditional ad network with the client focus, transparency and insight of an agency. It includes industry-leading bid management technology, proprietary media and data partnerships, and specialized talent exclusively focused on the display media exchange space.

What is the one thing you will share with the AdMonsters audience that will help them succeed?

As much as the advertising business is about People, non-living technology behind automation will increasingly take on a bigger role in the business.  And they can co-exist, unlike the Terminator movies!