Q&A with AdMonster SE Asia Keynote Michel De Rijk

Q&A with AdMonster SE Asia Keynote Michel De Rijk

Now that the dust has settled after AdMonsters Singapore we reflect back on some of the learnings that came from the event and where we as an industry need to get to in order to make the progress we all know we’re capable of.

We sat down with AdMonsters Singapore keynote Michel De Rijk from Xaxis to discuss the company’s ideas, expansion plans and everything RTB.

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What is the long-term vision for Xaxis? Is it all about driving the lowest CPA?

Our absolute, number one priority is structuring and executing campaigns that deliver  measurable any other avenue. Ultimately, we’re looking to make digital advertising more effective for marketers,

You have a gigantic region to cover, what are your thoughts on the expansion of the RTB ecosystem? Will this only be a ‘big’ market opportunity?.


In any region, larger markets tend to lead the way with new technology.  The same holds true  for where digital marketing and advertising is growing. With ad spend in the region expected to  reach $170 billion within the next two years with online ad spend making up 31% of the growth  (source:Xaxis) rapidly – both in terms of offerings and employees as our clients needs have developed. 

We  hope both small and large from India to Malaysia to Hong Kong


What are your thoughts on the ownership of data, does this data belong to publishers or advertisers (with the agency acting as care takers)?

It really depends on the data in question.  There are obviously dollar values that can be assigned  to vendors face is how to utilize the data they own, in concert with all of the other data out there,  in.

For synergies that you wouldn’t be able to see in just looking at the datasets individually.That being said, their data is being protected.    

Because multiple datasets (CRM data, third party data, Xaxis proprietary data) in a centralized location,  while caretaker for data.  It’s a responsibility we take extremely seriously.  

Your background includes extensive experience in Europe where there is an on-going discussion about privacy. Do you see that as something that will extend into Asia?

The key with international privacy policies is to stay informed regarding the prevailing practices and how these evolve. As part of GroupM and WPP, we maintain deep engagement with all relevant regulatory bodies, are active participants in all of these conversations and are  compliant with all local and international laws.    

What is the one thing you will share with the AdMonsters audience that will help them succeed?

The attribution, offline ROI, audience insights and brand impact based on the entire digital plan, not  just the Xaxis portion of the plan.  It also means that advertisers are always able to access the  inventory limited only to a particular subset offered by any one vendor.