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Monday 5 March


We’re very close to kick-off here in a not so sunny Palm Springs. The AdMonsters are in the room eagerly anticipating a day of knowledge-sharing and best practice from some of the leaders in the online advertising space. 


And we’re off. Matt O’Neill, President of AdMonsters takes to the floor for an introduction to the day.


AdMonsters CEO Bowen Dwelle takes the mic and is discussing the AdMonsters ethos ‘ to connect the world’s leaders in online advertisng’. Sounds good to us Bowen! 



Don’t forget we’re joined in Palm Springs by the AdMonsters Professional Services (APS) team – check out their latest piece of upgrading the ad server here.



Rob Beeler is up and ‘Beelering’ the audience into a frenzy as only he can. He’s also giving a shout out to our wonderful sponsors. 



Don’t forget you can keep up-to-date with our members thoughts as well as our own via the hashtag #pubforum



Peter Horan, Executive Chairman of Social Chorus is up and about to give us a CEO’s perspective on ‘Looking for Leaders’ in the online ad space. 



“This is the most change i’ve ever seen in this space, and i’ve seen a lot. I wrote the owners manual for Pong and this is the most excited and most transition i’ve ever been around and that’s saying something.”


Twitter Update


AdMonsters’ US Editor Gavin Dunaway‏ @AdMonsterGavin


“Keynote @peterchoran says LendingTree CEO is literally a rocket scientist… Different way of leading needed at such cos #pubforum



@peterchoran:Cheap impressions usually wins when it comes to performance campaigns. Advertisers and brands will tell you what campaigns they want but even if it’s a ‘branding’ campaign they still want to see results – that makes every campaign a ‘performance’ campaign’.


Twitter Update


AdMonsters’ US Editor Gavin Dunaway ‏ @AdMonsterGavin


@peterchoran: audience delivery is fully commoditized. “Everyone is reachable, everyone is cheap.” #pubforum



@peterchoran:’We’re much closer to Don Draper in Mad Men than we are to George Jetson”. The buying, selling and delivering process in our industry is still via relationships – is still manual.



@peterchoran: You can’t go wrong with a conversation that starts with ‘I’ve been thinking about your business and…” don’t go in there with, ‘I have these 300x250s’ for you. 



The dreaded Luma scape is up on the screen. “As a CEO, this is an absolutely terriying chart, there’s some merit to all of this – everybody in the space is adding value but where do you commit? The most scarce resouce is dev time and sales attention spans – how do we prioritise?’


Apologies for the delay in updates people, bit of an issue with the Wi-Fi in the room. 

Look’s like we’re back up and running now though so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated throughout the conference right here. 




Twitter Update 

@ruthcalhoun seems to agree with our morning Keynote and Ben Kneen (@AdOpsInsider).  


“Truth! “@AdOpsInsider: Peter Horan delivering a no BS keynote – “2/3 of all inventory online will clear at <$2.50” @AdMonsters #pubforum””



Rob Beeler re-takes the floor and delivers the findings from Sunday night’s group sessions – and they’re interesting to say the least!


Some of the best tidbits below. 


What you’re mom thinks you do?




What AdMonsters think you do?


The most interesting people in the world sprinkled with a little Justin Bieber. 


What you think you do?


Looks like you all think you’re a mixture of Gandalf (gatekeepers) and Don Drapers. You vain bunch.


What your boss/CEO thinks you do?


Let’s just say the theme was financial and that you all are an integral part of that process. 




Lunchtime! W’ll be reconvening shortly people with more insight and expert opinion from our Focus On Sessions after lunch.


We’re in full swing here again after lunch. 


Half group sessions with Michael Hagley (@MichaelHagley) and Jon Burke.



@MichaelHagley: “From our point of view, the data, no matter how deep or how well integrated – you have to be able to put a value against it”


Michael’s 3rd party data wishlist


– Full integration of data sources

– Back end cookie matching

– Easier capture of user actions

– Easier interfaces


Michael’s wishlist


– Dig until the questions are answered

– Start at the end! Have a clear view of where you want to end up before you start

– Be clear

– Educate, evangelize, measure and prove

– Talk to references and get their insight, ask about what they aren’t doing – and why!



Michael’s talk is over and it really did lead to some fascinating discussion afterward. Data is seemingly a topic that does not seem to be going anywhere.



Speaking of which, up next is Data Diva Barbera Healy and her session on Making Data your Partner. Go get em’ Babs!  



Lot’s of interesting discussion going on regarding the use of reporting and knowledge levels of the Sales Teams. Seems as though there are issues with Sales and Ops across the board. 



Jana Massey is leading her session on Flipping On Your Video Channel. Really interesting discussion around the role of premium video content and how best to monetize.



The debate rages on and it’s really interesting to hear from different size publishers and those steeped in a history of video. Seemingly there is no ‘silver bullet’ here. 


Ah what a day! Some much needed downtime needed now. We’ll be re-convening at 6pm this evening with our lovely sponsors for a spot of speed dating but I don’t think we’ll be keeping you abreast of that. 

Tune in bright and early tomorrow for more fascinating insight into the world of online advertising live from the Publisher Forum in Palm Springs, CA.


Tuesday, March 6  



And we’re off!


Day two of the AdMonsters Publisher Forum kicks off and whilst the weather has imrpoved it’s going to be hard to improve on yesterday’s content – Ben Keen (@AdOpsInsider)is up after an introduction by our US Editor Gavin Dunaway offering insights as only the AdOps Insider can. 



@AdOpsInsider: “When it comesto Data, there’s no harm in being transparent with your advertisers”



‘Know that your DMPs reccomendaton to you isn’t always going to be what works best for your business’



Ben’s DMP 101



– Create multiple custom taxonomies for targeting


– Categorize Who vs. Where


– Real-time segmentation




Legal -According to Ben when it come’s to data you have to be mindful of compliance.


We’re now fully into our Sponsor Sessions so we won’t be blogging any of that –  keep coming back for more insights though as we’ll be keeping you updated with all the news you can use right here.


Wednesday 7 March 2012


Day three of the Palm Springs Publisher forum is up and away with Rob Beeler listing and going through some ogf the fantastic events we have coming up here at AdMonsters across the globe. Check them out here



Rob hands over to founder of AdMonsters Bowen Dwelle for an introduction to our new premium paid membership offering. We’ll be bringing you more about this in the next couple of weeks – stay tuned. 



It’s about time for our first session of the day – Spencer Owens (@creepswenson) with ‘What can Mobile do for Marketers? Go ask Ad Ops’


@creepswenson“Ad Ops has the opportunity to lead the discussion on Mobile – you just have to ask them and be part of the conversation”


@creepswenson“More than a third of smart phone owners use their device before they get out of bed in the morning, the traditional phone is now very much so in the minority”



@creepswensonThere’s a huge gap between the amount of money spent on mobile and the amount of time spent on these devices”


@creepswenson“There are apps that are designed for babies, our kids today will never have to use a mouse – the only reason they’ll have to will be for nostalgia”



@creepswenson“The sort of growth we’re seeing today in mobile is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before”



@creepswenson “If you can offer value then absolutely build an app, in our experience users will engage with your content on their own terms and on the device of their choosing but if you’re add adds utility, absolutely go ahead and do it.”



@creepswenson “Because of Mobile we’re now having more direct Ops cobnversations with marketers and that can only be good for us.”


@creepswenson “Make sure your sales team is informed and out there having do-able conversations though as you can’t be on every sales call”



@creepswenson Mobile video is interesting as advertisers are always seemingly freaking out as there’s no clickthrough on a preroll – well billions are spent on TV every year and there’s no click through there”


We’re now into the member breakout sessions where the AdMonsters discuss all the topics near and dear to themselves. Should be in for some interesting insight.


We’re done people, another fantastic Publisher Forum draws to a close. Thanks to all those who attended and participated – see you at Boston for the next one!