The AdMonsters Private Exchange Playbook

By Gavin Dunaway August 20, 2013

As increasing spend flows through programmatic channels, the private exchange concept is considered a boon to both buyers and sellers through enhanced trading controls and inventory transparency. In particular, it’s a convenient way for publishers to better monetize inventory headed to programmatic channels while meeting and exceeding the demands of their top advertisers.

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The good news is the plethora of nuances in the world of private exchanges ensure there’s no wrong way to implement a private exchange. The phrase “different strokes for different folks” has never been truer. The bad news? Well, it’s another complex landscape within an already labyrinthine ecosystem. To understand which approach is (or approaches are) optimal for your organization requires a base level of knowledge about the elements and workings of a private exchange, something we aim to provide in our Private Exchange Playbook, sponsored by Open X.

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