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Attributes of Attribution: Q&A With Paul Pellman, CEO, Adometry

 It's generally sunk in that the last click shouldn't be getting all the conversion credit – as digital spend increases, advertisers are yearning for a better understanding of multichannel campaign performance. Properly assigning credit to various ad types has proved to be a task, but one that companies like Adometry –…

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DataXu Goes Global – Q&A with VP of Marketing Julie Ginches

DataXu, provider of the industry’s no1 ranked DSP today (10 Jan 2012) announced that it had acquired Europe’s leading DSP platform Mexad.Read our Q&A on the thought process behind the decision and more with DataXu’s Vice President of Marketing Jule Ginches below.Rumor has it, DataXu's technology was originally developed for…

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The Case for First-Party Data Control

 One of the advantages of having been in the business as long as I have is perspective (okay, hold off on the “old” jokes). Over the past 14 years, I’ve seen a tremendous amount of complexity arise around the lack of interoperability between digital marketing technologies and the sites they…

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The Next Generation of Ad Ops

 Recently the AdMonsters Professional Services team – Kevin LeFew, Zach Morgan and I – had the opportunity to head down to Charlottesville, Va., to speak with a class at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Having spent my college years at UVA (and McIntire, in particular), I jumped…

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The Year of Intelligent Interaction: Predictions for 2012

 2011 represented a turning point for the consumer web, having brought fundamental changes to how information is stored, shared, and transmitted and to how individuals communicate and connect. To date, bandwidth, storage limits and user access points have suppressed the potential of a web-enabled world. Those barriers have melted away,…

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Plugging Into Data Monitoring

  When you work in digital advertising and follow industry blog after industry blog, you begin to notice a pattern. All the crowd writes about and seems to care about is data management. Data is our future! Data is our only hope! Perhaps due to the astronomic rise of Internet usage…

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Building Trust: Resolving Mobile Analytics Discrepancies

 Following years of unfulfilled hype, mobile is now undeniably becoming a staple of mainstream media consumption, spurred for the main part by the success of the iOS and Android ecosystems. However, despite rapid advancements in mobile Internet usage, advertising revenues for the medium severely lag behind that of other digital…

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OPS Mobile Live Blog – NYC, December 7th

 The AdMonsters US Content Team, Gavin Dunaway and Maria Tucker, are excited to bring you this live blog from AdMonsters OPS Mobile at NYC's Metropolitan Pavilion. Stay tuned to see what's rocking the mobile ad world! GD8:30 – Sipping a piping hot cup of coffee, nibbling on a croisant and watching…

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