AdMonsters Training For Sales

April 26, 2012

The Ad Lab at IAB Offices

Registration opens March 15, 2012

Registration ends April 25, 2012 at 12:00 am

As the display advertising marketplace has evolved, so has the relationship between sales and operations. It’s now critical that both ‘sides’ understand each other to make sure that clients’ needs are met and that the company makes money. Designed for sales people and account executives, this course will share why operations operates in the way that it does, what you can do to help make sure campaigns deliver as promised, and the best practices you can use to avoid common pitfalls when sales hands things over to operations. Understand why operations sometimes say “no” and learn how to work seamlessly with your ops team for the best rates of success.

Rob Beeler

VP of Content and Media, AdMonsters


Rob Beeler is Vice President of Content and Media for AdMonsters and has worked in Ad Operations for over 10 years. Rob started attending AdMonsters events in 2004 as a member. In his role, Rob develops content for events, training classes and the website and works with AdMonsters members to share best practices and innovation in Ad Operations with their peers. Rob Beeler joined AdMonsters in October 2008 after nearly 10 years at Advance Internet, a leading creator of local news and information web sites across the United States. At Advance Internet, Rob started as the only Ad Operations person and developed a department of 15 people in 8 locations across the country responsible for operations, project management, business development, web analytics and financial reporting, becoming Executive Director of Ad Operations and Analytics in early 2007. Prior to Advance Internet, Rob held a number of positions related to advertising and publishing ranging from electronic prepress to an ad agency multimedia specialist. Rob graduated from Syracuse University in 1990 with a dual major in Producing for Electronic Media/English. Rob currently resides in Hazlet, NJ, with his wife Nancy and their three children.