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Keeping Pace With Privacy Standards: Q&A With TRUSTe UK

Somehow on May 26, when the UK's version of the dreaded EU Cookie Directive came into force, the Internet did not crumble and burn to ashes. That could be partially credited to the last-minute (almost literally) addition of "implied consent" by the Information Commissioner, but many British publishers have had…

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Audience Efficiency: You Can’t Beat the Model

We’ve spent some time establishing that "Audience Efficiency" (parts 1, 2, 3 and 4) is a new, more effective way to think about audience targeting campaign strategy. So, how about some proof?In essence, audience efficiency is targeting those audiences with online behaviors likely to show the highest lift in fit…

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Where Agencies Fit in OPS

So I see you over at your big ol' holding company office on Madison Ave. thinking to yourself, "Why should I, important agency person, haul my ass to 82 Mercer on Oct. 4 for OPS? What's in it for me?"Really, the question you should be asking is, "What's not in…

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Formulating a Programmatic Buying Policy: Data Security

Making the dive into programmatic buying can be daunting, but a lot less so when fortified policies are in place. Below is an amalgam of how aggressive Media Trust clients in particular address ad quality and data leakage issues, split into four quality segments.  Ad Security Data Security Ad Quality…

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Formulating a Programmatic Buying Policy: Ad Security

Programmatic buying is proven to provide a lift in CPMs. The overall benefit of programmatic buying far outweighs the energy and expense required to manage ad quality and data leakage. When diving in, it is important to remind yourself that programmatic buying requirements are no different than the fundamental operational…

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AdMonsters Boston Publisher Forum Live Blog

It's a gorgeous day on Boston's waterfront, and I'm going to have trouble keeping my eyes off the boats gliding across the harbor. After a night of cupcakes and cocktails at the World Trade Center, our attendees are trickling through the door, eager for Adam Cahill, EVP and Co-Media Director at…

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