Member Profile: Julian Zilberbrand

The AdMonsters community is comprised of the top Ad Operations professionals in the industry. In a new feature for our site, we’ll highlight members and ask them about what they are working on as well as their thoughts on a variety of topics.

This week we feature Julian Zilberbrand, Vice President, Group Director, Technology and Ad Operations, MediaVest USA.


What’s your current role? If you were at a dinner party with people who don’t understand ad operations – how would you describe what you do?

I am the VP of Technology and Advertising Operations.  The best way I can describe what I do is this:  I oversee the team that implements, tracks and reports on all advertising we do in a digital environment.  I also oversee terms and conditions for the agency as well as oversee the development of proprietary technology solutions for the agency.  My team and I act as the buffer between our media teams and vendors for any kind of technological issues that may arise during the course of a campaign.  Lastly I review, vet and recommend digital technologies to our teams and clients.


How did you get into Ad Operations?

I was working at a publisher and had an opportunity to interview at a little-known company called Doubleclick.  I joined Doubleclick as a trafficker and so began my career in Ad Ops.


When did you start attending AdMonsters events? How has it helped you? What is your impression of AdMonsters? 

I started attending AdMonsters as soon as it opened up to agencies- I believe in 06.  AdMonsters has helped me meet other Ad Ops folks in the industry and created a line of communication between me and my brethren in the ad ops community.  My impression of AdMonsters is that it fills a serious void in the industry where the technology leadership at agencies and publishers (as well as various technology vendors) have an opportunity to discuss issues in the industry in a forum that helps foster relationships and discussion.

What topics would you like to see at the next AdMonsters event you attend?

I would like to see more focus on video, not simply because it’s my own personal passion, but because it is a place in the industry where we are still lagging behind in terms of viable technologies to use.


If 2010 is going to be a period of growth for online advertising, are you ready? How so? 

I am more than ready.  It is my job to be on top of all new technologies in the space and I think I do a pretty good job of doing that.  My company, Mediavest, has done an amazing job of staffing our ad operations team and we have an amazing group of people, we are prepared to handle everything that comes down the pike.

What are the top three things Ad Ops leaders should be thinking about in the coming year?  

1) How do I continue to innovate to support my company, and most importantly, my clients.

2) This business moves so fast, what do I do to continue to stay on top of things in our business and pass on all that knowledge to my staff. 

3) Mobile is finally starting to pick up steam, how do I get ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking and reporting on media in this environment.


What adjustments have you made in Ad Operations to address the special needs of video? Mobile?

We started innovating in the video space in 04 and I’d like to think we are well ahead of most companies both in terms of the technologies we use and the processes and deals we have worked out in the video space.  In terms of dollars and innovation, mobile is still developing and we need to continue to monitor the companies/technologies in the space.  We need to do more test and learn with companies to see who might provide us the best solutions to address the advertising needs.


What’s the next big thing that will impact online advertising and what should Ad Ops be doing about it?  

Two things, Data verification and CPMV (cost per view).  Ad ops should be focused on helping lead the charge on finding which companies and technologies to work with when it comes to Data Verification.  In terms of CMPV, agencies and publishers need to work together to find a way to work out all the various business complexities that will come from a new model of pricing.


What impact did 2009 have on your team members? 

2009 was simply the most challenging year we have all faced.  Obviously there are the financial ramifications, but we also faced an increase in workload, greater expectations both from inside and outside the agencies, and of course the fact that this space hasn’t slowed down in terms of innovation and the challenge of keeping up with all of that while keeping people happy and employed.


Is there anything else interesting that you would like to share?

We work in the best industry out there.  It is fun, it is exciting, it is constantly evolving.  As Ad Ops people the most important thing we can do is constantly focus on learning, focus on getting you and your team better everyday, focus on making your clients happy, and work with your business partners to help lead this medium forward.  It is important to continue collaborate with your peers, both on a business front and on a personal front.  In a space like this, you’re never going to know it all, but you sure can try.