Member Profile – Dirk Fiebig

The AdMonsters community is comprised of the top Ad Operations professionals in the industry. In a new feature for our site, we’ll highlight members and ask them about what they are working on as well as their thoughts on a variety of topics.

This week we feature Dirk Fiebig, Director of Ad Operations at AdJug – The Online Advertising Exchange

What’s your current role? If you were at a dinner party with people who don’t understand ad operations – how would you describe what you do?
Me and my team are the engine room of businesses that manages the technical aspects of online advertising. We make sure that websites can carry advertising, campaigns are delivered correctly and we optimize their performance. We also advise sales on what they can sell and deliver reports.

How did you get into Ad Operations?

Over 10 years ago, having worked in client services for an ISP, I was asked by a recruitment agent whether I’d be interested in an “online advertising role” at the Walt Disney Internet Group. I met with Antony Carbonari, back then Director of Advertising & Sponsorship. He told me about DART, trafficking, inventory, creative and so forth. I hadn’t had a clue what he was talking about. And that’s what I told him. But I said it sounded very interesting and I think I will like it and that I believe that if you like something, you will be good at it. The next day I got the job. The rest is history. I owe my career to Antony and am forever grateful that he gave me the opportunity.

When did you start attending AdMonsters events? How has it helped you? What is your impression of AdMonsters?

About 5-6 years ago, actually as a sponsor, not as a delegate. AdMonsters is the perfect opportunity to come together with other Ad Ops professionals as colleagues, even friends, but never competitors. We get to share the pleasures and the pains of our everyday work. Our collective insight, knowledge and experience is invaluable to us and the industry and has help me to improve my job and that of the team substantially. AdMonsters is friendly and informal, the AdMonsters Team is lovely and has never once failed to put on a fantastic event.

Can you describe something related to your workflow that is unique?

My strict QA processes when my team is trafficking and optimizing. Everything get double-checked, documented and signed off by a second trafficker. Other than reducing human error by about 90%, it creates knowledge sharing and also sharing the pain when 2 instead of 1 get a bollocking when a mistake has been made.

Is there anything else interesting that you would like to share?

Okay, we’re not saving lifes here, but I’d like to say that I’m proud of being part of this industry. Over the years we’ve been through ups and down, bit the bullet, kept going and are now bigger than ever. And that’s due to people’s hard work and commitment. In my career I’ve met so many fantastic people that taught and inspired me, professionally and personally, and made many friends. Thanks to everyone especially AdMonsters.