We're considering using Criteo for retargeting....looking for input

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Published by: Albert Santos , GreatSchools.org
Published on: February 14, 2014

We're thinking of using Criteo for retargeting since they're cpm's they're offering are quite high. I'm looking for publishers who have experience with this company. We use Google AdX, so other than trafficking Criteo Tags as direct, I don't see how I can give Criteo first look - which is what they're asking for.


We use Criteo RTA & have had very good results with it. Even running on Priority P6 and pacing AFAP in DFP, there's no real volume impact to direct campaigns & don't have to deal with defaults/passbacks. No issues so far with channel conflict either. Takes a little work to set up with placing the pixel in the footer & testing to make sure it fires correctly for the key values you create, but once it works, it's pretty much hands free.

You can also see if they're interested in participating in a Private Auction for remarketers in AdX, but they haven't accepted our deal offer on that because of the RTA campaign.

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