A solution to verify campaign serving? Customer's requesting.

Published by: Samuel Metcalf , Journal Communications
Published on: April 1, 2014

I often hear that our customers are requesting us, as the publisher, to screen capture their digital banner ad on our website for verification that their campaign is actually running.

Now, as most of you know, that can be rather difficult as the ad server is delivering hundreds if not thousands of campaigns across the website that all have different parameters of targeting (behavior, content, audience, sponsorship, etc.).

Does the ad server product your company uses allow for this to be done easily? Can you force an ad to a particular page, for example, and then screen capture that to show the customer? Is there another solution out there that can do this if the ad server cannot?

Obviously, I don't want to have these kinds of conversations with the customer as it usually means the customer is paying attention to the wrong kind of details, but we have to do what we have to do sometimes...



Hello Samuel -

Yes, this is something my company Operative has helped other publishers with.

You can preview a creative within DFP. You can also preview a creative on your site to test the creative before it's live, and to send screenshots to advertisers. You can also force the banner to a page, as long as the targeting, key-values, parameters, etc., match the ad call from the page. This works regardless of the user’s IP address (geo).

We recently published a whitepaper on ad serving, which you can find here - http://about.operative.com/choosing-the-best-ad-server/.

I'm happy to provide more insight on this. You can reach out to me at info@operative.com if you have anymore questions.



There are some ad networks who has their own technology to fulfill this requirement. Technically demo cookie is created to force the ad on the website
(the website should fall under the publisher network list of course) .
It's true DFP has the feature to make the creative appear on the URL mentioned. Third party like geoedge can also help including checks on the unwanted ads on the publisher too.

Thanks and Regards,

You can also reach out to WhiteOps or DoubleVerify. They can help integrate their technology into your ad serving platform to help decide when to serve ads.

Hi Sam,

Smart AdServer provides a live-preview capability for all kind of ads delivered from the platform. You can test one or several creative on any live URL of your network in one click and generate a live demo that can be shared with anyone.

It's a great tool for your tests (especially for Rich Media Q&A) as well as for taking screenshots for your advertisers. Many users now share a live demo URL in addition to the screenshot in their campaign reports.


Smart AdServer

Hi Samuel,

DFP allows you to do this, you can preview the creative 'on site' by entering the page URL, the ad will show providing there is a DFP tag on the page.

Alternatively you could use a third party provider such as MediaTrust.

Thanks, Phil

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