Responsive Design, Ad Tags, and Ad Maps

Published by: Kristina Rettig , OMD Digital
Published on: November 20, 2012


I suppose that this question is meant for those who are familiar with the process of building a responsive site and transitioning to DFP Premium. A few questions:

- Do you have to serve responsive ads through iframe tags on your page, or can you still use Javascript tags?
- Do you have advertisers submit multiple pieces of creative, or do you have some kind of automation in place to where an ad's original components are taken to dynamically fit into the new ad size?
- What type of GPT tags work better for responsive advertising (asynchronous vs. synchronous)
- How do legacy DFP tags work with responsive design?
- How do you currently deal with rich media with responsive design?
- What's the most efficient way to go about creating an ad map for responsive design? I'm assuming lots of large-scale rich media ads will have to be confined to desktop, while standard IABs can be scaled accordingly.

See? Lots of questions about responsive design and advertising! To any one who has experience with this, please hit me up!

Thanks in advance. :-)


Did you get a serious answer to this post? If so, I'd love to see it.


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