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Published by: Anonymous Monster
Published on: February 12, 2013


We migrated to the new DFP about 4 weeks ago and began to discover all of the issues with the new DFP forecasting engine. Are other Monsters experiencing forecasting issues in the new DFP? Would anyone be interested in writing a group AdMonsters e-mail to Google and find out what they are doing to fix these issues?


Hi guys,

I'm the product manager for forecasting on DFP. I regret the difficulties you're having and appreciate your feedback. I'd like to call out a few points specifically.

Breakdown by targeted criteria in forecast results is being worked on now, so we expect that to roll out to premium publishers on the new platform shortly (no hard date but definitely by early Q2). This will include break down by keyvalues, geo regions and other targeting dimensions.

There was also a recent release that revamped the "Check inventory" forecasting results UI. This should make the results clearer and more consistent. We are always open to more feedback on those changes.

Finally, we have a new version of the sell-through report that will also be releasing to publishers gradually over the next few months. It addresses many of the issues of the existing report and adds more dimensions and more flexibility.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly or through your account manager if you have further questions you'd like to discuss. We are actively working to address your concerns and improve the product.

- Ilia Malkovitch

The biggest reporting feature we have seen MISSING in XFP is FREQUENCY REPORTING.

We have a work around for that but would love to hear how others are solving that issue.

Please email me at jalal at if you have questions/recommendations.


I agree with you on all 4 points there.

Something else that is missing is.
When you check Availability tab in DFP. We lose the option to see what was foretasted by criteria such as breakdown in site/section/size/keyvalue etc.
Something we found very useful in Legacy.

We use to have big problems where the contenting line items came up although were not actually contending in any way. Totally different sections and keyvalues.

Although this has now been fixed.

Hope this helps.


Hi Everyone,

I appreciate you writing back.

Here are some of the major issues for our system that have been addressed by Google:

1) Lack of in-depth key-value reporting (ie: breakdown of key-values by matching, available, and contending). You simply receive one large matching, available, and contending number.

2) Extremely complicated forecasting data that is very difficult to comprehend. The terminology has changed and its definitely not intuitive.

3) No bulk uploading of creative tags except for DFA.

4) No more dashboard

We will implement GPT tags soon and utilize the 5 data hierarchy.

We are considering migrating and have huge concerns about the forecasting and general reporting capabilities of the new adserver. I would be very grateful if you could explain some of the issues that you have found and anything particular to your set up. EG - Did you change to GPT ad tags? Have you changed from the 2 levels (site/zone) to the 5 ad unit levels?
Is your concern particular to the sell through report or does the 'check inventory' (replacement of availability forecast) work for you?

Thanks in advance for your comments


Hey There,

I work with several DFP Premium publishers and their inventory mgmt efforts. We haven't had too much trouble so far. I'd hate to run into new issues!

Could you elaborate on the types of challenges you're running into? Are these discrepancies between the new sell-through reporting and the old inventory manager reports? Do you have a sense of which are more accurate?

I also work with several publishers that are still on legacy DFP and will be migrating in the next few months; some that are generally satisfied with their current reporting and one or two that are having separate troubles with the old platform.

I'd love to be on top of things if there is trouble on the horizon for anyone and would be happy to collaborate on orgainzing info and a message to Google.


I actually called Google about this today (I'm a Top Contributor in the forums and I see it there too!) I'll send a link to this thread and give them a bit more on the info front...

be sure to get ahold of support you guys...Google doesn't necessarily know this stuff if we don't tell them! and support IS part of what you pay for!



We migrated to DFP Premium 2 weeks ago and can see a big discrepancy between inventory reports and sell-through reports.

What kind of issues do you have?

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