mookie tracking

Published by: Martin williams ,
Published on: March 5, 2014


Has anyone received third party tags containing mookie tracking if so what has your experience of these cookies been and any adverse effects they have had with discrepancies?




Mookies are redirects for GroupM (cookie + GroupM = Mookie). The tags you receive should work like any other tag you use, but one item of note, if you are entering a 1x1/Pixel Tag using Mookie and are not using DFP, but sure to replace any instance of %n with your own Ad Servers Cachebuster macro.

-Matthew Parness

Hi Martin,

I have run across the Mookie tags (which sadly, always make me giggle at the name).

I've not seen any adverse effects...they run like DFA tags and seem to have a normal discrepancy (higher than InRed tags since you have to use the full tag).


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