Latitude/Longitude Targeting on Mobile

Published by: Beth Frutkin , Business Insider
Published on: May 10, 2013

Does anyone do latitude and longitude targeting for mobile? Currently, the ad server we're using doesn't offer that kind of targeting, and the few people I know throughout the industry that I've talked to about this say that its not something they have addressed.
If this is something that you offer, how do you do it? Which ad server do you use?



My name is Maya, and I'm a PR manager at Epom ad server.

At the moment, we're offering a wide array of mobile targeting options, including geotargeting, and latitude\longitude can be doable, if you require this feature.

Please, visit our official site or contact our sales team directly for more details at

Hope, I helped

Hi Beth, the Mocean Mobile ad serving platform can geo-target by latitude and longitude. Our platform is built specifically for serving ads in the mobile environment.

Please let me know if we can have a brief chat to discuss some of the requirements you're looking to address and how Mocean can help.

I can be reached at

Claro Pulmano (617) 498-7877 can do this for you. We can target specific lat/longs or a defined radius around one or more lat/longs. We can also augment with other types of geo, site, and audience targeting.

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