Google has deemed a represented site "hacked"

Published by: Luke Schoenberger ,
Published on: February 18, 2014

A site that my company represents has been recently deemed by Google as "hacked".

What this mean is that wean you search for the website in Google, the results from the search will show the website's name in the first row, the website URL in the second row, and the sentence, "This site may be hacked" in the third row.

The webmaster of the site has gone through all of the webmaster tools provided by Google, in an attempt to clear the site of being hacked, but the only code that he thinks may be the problem are the DFP tags that my company has placed on the website; the tags have served direct sell ads and Google AdExchange.

The DFP tags were implemented two weeks before the site was deemed hacked.

I wanted to know if anyone has had experience with their sites being deemed "hacked" by Google, the process that it took to get it removed of the "hacked" label, and if the DFP tags could be the source of the problem.

Thanks a billion.

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