Drupal - embedding MPU ads in-line into articles

Published by: Anonymous Monster
Published on: November 5, 2010

Does anyone have a working solution to auto-embedding (using rules like 'insert after second paragraph or at end if less than 4 paras') an MPU ad tag into the middle of an editoral article page, using Drupal as their CMS? I am told that you cannot render a 'block' (ie the ad tag) into a 'block' (ie the whole article editorial content) and we wouldn't want to break the story up into two 'blocks'.

Don't want to go to smoke-and-mirror Drupal support land just yet, as I know you Monsters should be able to pin the tail on the donkey.



Is anyone using the dart or doubleclick module?

I'm curious if anyone has done this as well. I'm thinking maybe you could do this by creating a new template file(s) for the content types that would need the rule.


It may also be possible to use the ad module but truth be told I have no experience with using this module.


Or I suppose you could write a module to do this but I'd be surprised if someone hasn't already come up with this.

This article shows how someone did this with adsense if it helps:

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