Drop-off from click to landing

Published by: Patrick Crook ,
Published on: May 20, 2014

Hi All

I have a query about matching up adserver data to analytics platforms. I'm aware that the two will never match up perfectly, but I was wondering what kind of drop-off rates are typically seen... On my most recent campaigns, I'm seeing about 60-70% drop-off, which to me seems huge! I have tested it and it is all working... Could this just be from accidental clicks and then visitors closing their browsers?

It does seem awfully high and I was wondering what kind of drop-off other advertisers are seeing...

Many Thanks


click to landing i.e. click to visit which differs a lot due to number of reasons like internet speed, website view ability, landing page, code placement (header or footer), etc. I recently observed c2v falling heavily for GDN(google display) creative, straight from 60-70% c2v to 10-12%, the checks are on and we are still figuring out the reason for such fall. But yes such dropp off are quite common

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