DFP Upgrade?

Published by: Kate Maxwell , Strava
Published on: February 9, 2012

Hi everyone! Just wanted to reach out to any pubs who have already gone through the process of upgrading to the new DFP Premium from the legacy platform. We at Gawker will be flipping the switch later this month so I'd like to connect with anyone who can provide insight as to hiccups they saw, things to watch, and general transition issues. Shoot me a message if so, thanks!


Hi Guys,

We are actually looking at launching the new DFP this week. Let me ask you. Are you guys using DSM for your sales tool? If you are don't upgrade yet it. DSM for the new DFP is still in testing and there is no migration. Everything has to be re added manually. Workflows, usergroups, products. Apparently it will be ready Q4.

The system itself is quite nice with the UI and some of the features are great, but Legacy platform has got so many more features that are missed in the new.
- Loss of OSI. They have a new format of giving a snapshot may take a little getting use to.
- Although the system requires pre defined data. This will not work in our case as some custom criteria there are just way to many combinations and actually can't be pre defined.

Some issue I have found so far are.
- No Batch upload for creative for mobile yet
- Cannot Preview or download individual creative asset flash or Gif
- Cannot Search or filter by advertiser only
- Archived items show up in search field

Excuse me if some of the above flaws are incorrect as we have not fully launched yet and still in the process of understanding and getting to know the new system.

I will be able to provide more detail in the next couple weeks.

Hope it helps.

Hi Kate (and everyone else),

I'm going through the move now too...and it's tough. I know that there are a lot of features that are said to be great, but the transition itself is not an easy one.

When you create your new sites and zones (they don't really have names in DFP Premium!)...you have to add the sizes that you want into each one. It doesn't inherit them as you go down a level...you literally have to type them all in...and you cannot copy. (also, the default for 300x is 300x600, so you have to make sure you type even more!) Not a lot of fun at all...I've given a fair bit of feedback about this.

The trafficking is a bit easier than in DART, but after 12 years in DART, it can't get much easier for me because I know it so well! I don't like that we no longer have the ability to manipulate the priority number...makes having sponsors of sections but being able to run a ROS sponsor for a day really hard. There are workarounds...mainly using either keyvalues (now called criteria) or the "special" feature...which we DARTites know as "explicit" sites.

I know it's the way DoubleClick is moving...I'm still not gung ho on it...will be interesting to get live and see what the discrepancies look like with 3rd party servers. I already am seeing really crazy discrepancies between DFA and DFP SB, so I worry since it seems like DFP Premium is the same platform as SB.

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions...anyone! :-)


Hi Kate,

How did the DFP upgrade process go? Are you happy with the new product? Any features you lost that are not yet available in the upgrade? Any best practices you can recommend to other pubs prior to/during/after the upgrade? Did you have Google automate the migration or did you manually retraffic everything into the new implementation?


Hi all,

A few weeks ago I spent almost a day at the Google offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, going over DFP Premium with the DoubleClick team here. From February 2011 when Google initially started reaching out to publishers/networks to migrate, I think the new server has come a long way. In Feb 2011 it just seemed like a ppt presentation of pre-sale features that didn't exist - today was a different story.

In my opinion, the new DFP Premium still misses around 5 - 10 critical requirements/features for premium/network publishers to operate when compared to a top adserver like AdTech Helios IQ (which I have used before). It seemed to me like the reporting was still quite weak in DFP Premium - I mean most of the essentials were there but missing things like PowerPoint auto-formated reports or even the old PDF report from legacy Dart is not available at time of writing in the new DFP Premium. Google commented to me that it was coming up in these new "analytics reports" some time at the end of 2012 but didn't commit to any dates or more info. Also a Yield Report by DAY by COUNTRY by SITE is not available (for those publishers who have a site with global traffic and want to know how each country is performing).

Ability to set delivery to be at 150% OSI or 175% OSI in order to take advantage of traffic spikes and prepare for falls - Google commented this wasn't on the roadmap or couldn't comment further. Freewheel adserver has this feature.

Bulk upload of creatives is still pretty slow, even when you drag and drop swf + jpf, it thinks the jpg is separate to the swf and puts them in 2 separate creative lines, so then you have to delete the jpg, and manually select the file to upload the backup for the swf. Even in legacy Dart this was easier. So I filled that as a bug fix/product request and they are looking into it. A small detail but trust me, this creates hell for traffickers uploading thousands of creatives per month.

DFP Video seems extremely easy to use especially doing a video with a companion ad unit. Super easy.

DFP Mobile also seemed very easy to use - liked a lot how you can generate a preview in DFP that shows a QR code for you to try on your actual mobile.

And there were a handful of other requests I made that were not in DFP Premium.

Overall, I think it's an amazing ad server, especially one the greatest UIs I've ever used (and I've used around 9 different ad servers) but with the above missing features they will really be a strong contender.

Any opinions from others would be great to hear who are either in the process of evaluating it as an ad server or migrating or migrated.

Kate, Poonam and Nina,

We are going through a migration of our Publishers and ad network on the new DFP platform. I would love to connect with you to discuss product challenges/opportunities.

E. sarah.woolsmith@rci.rogers.com

Hi, this is Beah, a product manager for DFP. Just wanted to jump on this thread to clarify a few things. One of the great features of the DFP is that it offers reporting on all key values -- both targeted and non-targeted -- directly in the UI. You actually don't need to pre-define values unless they've never been targeted previously and you want them to show up in reports from the start. You do need to define keys first. The reason for this is that it reduces the opportunity for user error, e.g., if you target something that doesn't exist in any of your ad tags, the ad will never show. We are working on making the key value targeting process even easier along with a number of major reporting enhancements in the coming weeks, so please be sure to check our blog for the latest updates. Thanks!

Hi Poonam & Kate,

I would love to also get some details on how the DFP upgrade from legacy has gone for anyone who has already experienced this.

Here at TechTarget, we're planning to make the switch in Summer 2012 and would appreciate any details, feedback, or best practices you can share from your experiences thus far.



Hi Kate,
We have gone through the migration on one of the websites we manage. I think the biggest hiccups in the new DFP are the keyvalues need to pre-populated, the reporting is basic as compared to the existing reporting.
If you have any queries you can reach me poonam@gumtree.com.

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