Conversion Discrepancies - Is there Hope?

Published by: Max Brown , IGT IGN
Published on: January 8, 2013

Hey all - would love to get your feedback on a challenge that I have been beating myself over the head with for some time now.

We run conversion-based campaigns for a number of clients, and we are one of maybe 10 to 15 network partners that the agency uses.

When we look at our own conversion numbers, they are often vastly different from what the agency sees in their reporting (eg. we see 400 conversions in our reporting, and the agency only see 5 in DFA)

Now, I know that a lot of that discrepancy comes down to conversion attribution, and the other partners in the campaign may be getting credit for many of those conversions.

Is there any way for us to figure out what exactly is accounting for that discrepancy, or must we resign ourselves to the fact that it is just a black box and that these discrepancies are simply a fact of life?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcome!



Matt, good sir. would love to chat about this and the other mm discrepancy issue. Can you kindly email me at and perhaps we can pick each other's brain?

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