Contextual Advertising vs. Semantic Advertising

Published by: Stefanie Petesic , John Wiley and Sons
Published on: November 8, 2012

Hi Monsters. Forgive my ignorance, but I'm new to the topic and hoping you all could offer some guidance. Rob has been very helpful but i hate bothering him!

My company has a challenge targeting keywords via key values, because our tags and pages are not set up that way.

We're interested in an instance where we sell direct to the advertiser ad traffic the ads, and know exactly who the advertiser is, just have more ways of targeting what pages it appears on. A customer wanted to target 輓 the word “microscope” and we had to say no because our tags and pages don't contain keywords or key values.

We have a challenge because our content is Scientific, Medical, and Scholarly content. My assumption is that we have two options, 1) work with a vendor that crawls the page for keywords, 2) try to make the case that all articles must be published online with keywords to target, similar to SEO optimization meta tags, but with keywords. Just make it part of our workflow, which would require work with editorial which can be challenging.

I’m interested in a vendor for #1 if that exists, but we’d like to still be the one that traffics the ad and sell it direct to the advertiser, not as part of any SSP or DSP. I know that peer 39 can offer a service, but it looks like we only control the 'type' of advertiser and can not sell direct. Am I mistaken? Can it be done?

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