300x250 iPad Expandable IAB Specs?

Published by: Gregory Spektor ,
Published on: January 25, 2014

I was searching through the IAB site and came across a bunch of articles about, mobile, iPad and studies, but could not find any definite specifications for 300x250 iPad Expandable specs? Does anyone have any information about this? Specifically from IAB?



Hi Greg, i hope this will help.
you can download free HTML5 rich media templates, expandable banners are a bit problematic as they are handled and expansion is working very differently between ad servers.


i hope you find this templates useful.


The IAB and their committees have not yet written out specs for Tablet Creatives. This is an item that is on the Agenda for 2014.
I would recommend a ~45kb Max Initial File Load Size with an overall load of ~100-150kb. But it does come down to how large you and the Publisher will allow for. If the Publisher has a very light loading page, then the file size for the ad unit can be larger.
Also take into consideration the End User/Device. The majority of Users on the iPad will be on a WiFi connection that will allow for a larger file size load (and a willingness of the User to allow the file load as it won't count against their data plans).
Hope this helps.

-Matthew Parness
Director, Ad Operations - Mojiva/Mocean Mobile
Co-Chair IAB Mobile Adops Working Group

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