Webcast US XVI – Verification Services: Best practices for media buyers and sellers in a new, transparent market

January 14, 2010

Verification Services: Best practices for media buyers and sellers in a new, transparent market

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“Six months ago very few people were talking about verification services. Now, the market is flooded with a dozen companies offering competing services. There are clearly issues being brought to light that buyers and sellers need to contend with.” – David Cohen, EVP, US Director of Digital Communications at UM.


 Since the beginning on online advertising, advertisers and agencies have been looking for transparency – to know when, where and to who their purchased impressions have been served. They want to know that their money is being well spent and achieves maximum effect. The intensity for transparency has only grown as the economy has made more clients demand accountability for their media spend. To keep the money rolling in, agencies need to show they can deliver what they promise. What has emerged is a new player in the online space – online media verification companies – that help make sure campaigns deliver as promised. A number of these companies have sprung up rather quickly promising insight into what is truly going on when a campaign starts.

For Agencies and Brands

For all their promise, verification solutions mean for agency and brand ad operations teams a new set of services to be researched, understood, evaluated and implemented. This session will provide an overview of this quickly growing landscape, the things to look for in selecting a verification solution and best practices for implementing and using to their full potential.

For Publishers and Networks

For publishers and networks, this is a clarion call of a significant change in how media is bought and sold. Media sellers should expect agencies to modify insertion orders to use verification systems to determine what agencies will and won’t pay for. If this grows in practice, media sellers will be held accountable by third parties for the impressions they deliver. For publisher and network ad operations teams, this session will give perspective on how agencies are approaching these new services and offer to media sellers best practices in working with clients using these systems. Verification systems also offer solutions to networks and publishers to better understand their own impressions.

Webcast Details

The webcast will start at 12pm EST on December 10th. The presentation will last approximately 60 minutes with at least 10 to 15 minutes of discussion with attendees.

The Presenters

Mitch Weinstein
Universal McCann Logo
Vice President, Director of Digital Ad Operations
Mitch Weinstein is the Vice President, Director of Digital Ad Operations at UM/J3, where he oversees trafficking, reporting, and overall campaign management and implementation.  He focuses on the latest in ad serving and targeting technologies, ensuring that clients are maximizing their budgets, reaching their target audiences, and achieving their objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

Julian Zilberbrand
Starcom Mediavest Logo
Vice President
Group Director, Technology and Ad Operations
MediaVest USA
As VP, Group Director, Technology and Ad Operations at MediaVest, Julian Zilberbrand oversees the implementation and reporting of digital campaigns for all MediaVest’s clients. An expert on digital technology, analytics and measurement systems, Julian helps oversee training for all digital staff on buying, planning, trafficking and billing tools. He also manages relationships with MediaVest’s digital and technology vendors. In addition, Julian has helped to lead and oversee the development of the Digital Mediabank platform across MediaVest, as well as the entire Starcom MediaVest Group network.
Before joining MediaVest in 2004, Julian held Product Specialist and Client Service Specialist roles at rich media technology provider, Eyeblaster, as well as developing the company’s Eyeblaster University training program. Julian was also a Project Manager and Technical Analyst for Doubleclick, balancing product engineering and operational roles while providing support for clients on rich media, third party ad serving and campaign reporting.

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