AdMonsters Webinar: Kill Complexity and Grow Revenue

May 10, 2018

Check out the presentation here.

1 pm EDT

Complexity has long been the greatest foe of publisher revenue teams and arguably the digital advertising space. However, cutting through the tangled webs of processes and technology—while minimizing revenue consequences—requires delicate and strategic maneuvering.

Enough is enough—stop struggling to manage exploding data, integrations and reporting needs of the daily business. Stop letting revenue growth opportunities pass by. This webinar will give you real, detailed tricks for reining in your business so you can take control and meet your goals. We’ll discuss tricks for improving your product catalogue taxonomy, merging reports across demand partners, and automating billing processes.


Kim Foster Bustle newKim Foster
Senior Director of Operations





Sergei Bachtin Economist new

Sergei Bachtin
Director, Global Advertising Operations
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