Vox Media’s Approach to a Changing Media Landscape

April 27, 2021

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1:00 PM ET

In this session AJ Frucci, Vox Media’s VP of Programmatic & Head of its Concert Marketplace, will share an overview of how the Vox team is navigating a period of seismic change in the industry — with a focus on first-party data and the pursuit of a healthier open web ecosystem for users, publishers, and brands. This will be followed by a conversation with AJ and Michael Ogunjobi, Customer Success Lead, Permutive, moderated by Lynne d Johnson, Senior Editor, AdMonsters.

Key Takeaways:  

  1. How macro trends like the cookiepocalypse, purpose-driven marketing and marketers’ need for flexibility and agility are leading to opportunities for publishers.
  2. Amid the continuing uncertainty about the future of identity and targeting, Vox Media’s focus is on scalable and effective 1PD that respects user privacy.
  3. Building a healthier open web means building solutions that benefit publishers, marketers, and users.


AJ Frucci
VP Programmatic & Concert Marketplace
Vox Media







Michael Ogunjobi
Customer Success Lead