Do Not Track Meetup With W3C

May 03, 2012

McGraw Hill Building

DNT is real, so get your opinion in the mix.

This is an invite-only event. Please only register if you have contacted the content team.


AdMonsters is proud to host a meeting of publisher ad operations professionals and members of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (3WC) Tracking Protection Working Group to discuss draft guidelines for a potential browser Do Not Track mechanism and its execution. The guidelines can be found here:

Tracking Preference Expression (DNT) (i.e., the DNT mechanism itself)

Tracking Compliance and Scope (the obligations of a website that receives a DNT message).

The event will be held from 2 pm to 5 pm at NBCUniversal’s office in the McGraw Hill Building.

Read more about DNT here.


News & Updates

Thanks to all who attended and made this a fantastic discussion. Read more about what happened during the meeting here, as well as AdMonsters' original piece.


This will be a roundtable discussion.