Revenue Strategy Session Vol 3 — Contextually Speaking

November 16, 2021

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1:00 pm — 2:15 pm EST

You’ve heard about ABM … but what about ABL? 

Always Be Learning … 

Introducing the AdMonsters Revenue Strategy Sessions, a new content series that offers a taste of the peer-to-peer learning you get at a real-world AdMonsters event, with the convenience of livestreamed, virtual access.

We’re kicking off the next Revenue Strategy Session on Tuesday, Nov 16  from 1 – 2:15 pm EST (10 – 11:15 am PST), in conjunction with OpenX.

Where Contextual Advertising Fits Today (And What’s Next)  

Today, many publishers are giving contextual advertising a fresh look as a critical performance driver, thinking about how to combine contextual with data-driven audience targeting, how to extend contextual into CTV, and how contextual can help protect against the decline of third-party cookies and mobile identifiers.

In this conversation, join your peers to discuss all things contextual, including: 

  • Can contextual work for all verticals, or is it only for certain types of publishers? 
  • What role does contextual play in CTV?
  • How will contextual work with other ad tech solutions to maximize publisher revenue in a cookie-less world?


  • 1:00 pmDigital Media Drilldown (10 mins) 
    • Lynne d Johnson, Rob Beeler & Tameka Kee
  • 1:10 pmQ&A (20 mins) 
    • Michael Guzewicz, Director of Strategic Partnerships, OpenX
    • Scott Messer, SVP, Media, Leaf Group
  • 1:30 pmPublisher Roundtables (45 mins)
    • Winning with contextual (with Rob Beeler) How are you using contextual today, what questions do you have, and what are you looking for from partners?
    • Contextual & CTV (with Lynne d Johnson) TV has long been bought and sold based on the nature of the content itself (and the audience it would theoretically attract). So as the CTV explosion continues, how might context and data be worked into the equation?


Scott Messer Michael Guzewicz
SVP, Media, Leaf Group Director, Strategic Partnerships, OpenX


Lynne d Johnson Rob Beeler Tameka Kee
Sr. Editor, AdMonsters Advisory Chair, AdMonsters Head of Content, AdMonsters
Founder, Beeler.Tech

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