Revenue Strategy Session Vol 1 – Prebid

July 14, 2021

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1:00 pm — 2:00 pm EST

You’ve heard about ABM … but what about ABL? 

Always Be Learning … 

Introducing the AdMonsters Revenue Strategy Sessions, a new content series that offers a taste of the peer-to-peer learning you get at a real world AdMonsters event, with the convenience of livestreamed, virtual access.

We’re kicking off the first Revenue Strategy Session on Weds, July 11 from 1 – 2:00pm EST, in conjunction with OpenX.

The Current (and Future) State of Prebid

There’s a certain amount of volatility inherent in programmatic advertising — it is based on auction dynamics, after all — which is why many publishers rely on standards like Prebid to help balance out some of the chaos. 

But whether it’s the ongoing identity disruption, the rise of streaming, or Apple’s power moves around mobile privacy, it’s safe to say that things have been a bit more chaotic than usual.  

So we thought it would be good to check in on the “state” of Prebid as it’s running in the background. Prebid gives ad ops teams a stabilized framework to operate within when it comes to all things header bidding, so what kinds of customizations and hacks are pubs using to keep fill rates high and reduce bottlenecks now? And what are ad ops leaders thinking about how Prebid should evolve to meet their needs in the future? 


  • 1:00 pmDigital Media Drilldown (20 mins) 
    • Lynne d Johnson, Rob Beeler & Tameka Kee
  • 1:20 pmQ&A (20 mins) 
    • Tom Levesque, VP Product Management, OpenX
    • Emry Downinghall, VP, Advertising, Chegg
  • 1:40 pmPublisher Roundtables (20 mins)
    • Tech & Operations with Lynne d Johnson: Page and ad speed and latency issues, malvertising, etc.
    • Revenue Strategy with Rob Beeler: New ad formats, privacy & identity solutions, etc.


Emry Downinghall Tom Levesque
VP, Advertising, Chegg VP Product Management, OpenX


Lynne d Johnson Rob Beeler Tameka Kee
Sr. Editor, AdMonsters Advisory Chair, AdMonsters Head of Content, AdMonsters
Founder, Beeler.Tech

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