AdMonsters Webinar: Measuring Up to Revenue Analytics

February 01, 2018

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We all know there’s great power in data when it comes to digital media monetization, but unlocking the potential can be laborious, frustrating… and even fruitless. The massive amounts of data flowing throughout the digital advertising ecosystem is both a blessing and curse—it may seem plenty, but it’s hard to determine what is actually quality or even relevant.

But don’t fear, publishers—the data tools have vastly improved, and implementation is far more straightforward. This webinar with Roxot will explore strategies and technologies for determining and acting on the most valuable data for both programmatic and direct setups. Through case studies and demos, we’ll examine how ad operations can be transformed into strategic analytics; how to strengthen performance from even your best demand sources; the advantages of automation in data collecting and processing; increasing efficiencies within your overall tech stack; and much more.

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