No Third-party Cookies, No Problem: Ranker on First-party Data in a Privacy-safe World

December 08, 2021

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1:00 PM ET

The need for first-party data is creating a shift in power towards publishers. Why? Because publishers have a direct relationship with their readers, giving them access to unique insights about audiences that advertisers crave. Join Lynne d Johnson, Senior Editor, AdMonsters, in conversation with Dana OMalley, National VP of Sales at Ranker & Lauren Kroll, Customer Success Manager, Permutive, as they dive into the goldmine that is publishers’ first-party data and why it’s so powerful.

By attending this virtual session, you will learn:

  • How to identify your audience without knowing their identity

  • The value of collecting rich first-party data and how to activate it

  • Why you need to safeguard your business for a privacy-first world



Dana OMalley
National VP of Advertising Sales








Lauren Kroll
Customer Success Manager