Network Forum US II

June 17, 2010

Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF

The Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF is an exciting new meeting and event destination, centered in UCSF’s new 43-acre life sciences campus for teaching and research. Located just south of downtown San Francisco, and convenient to Oakland and Berkeley, the Center is steps away from the AT&T Ballpark, shopping, premier hotels and entertainment.

Registration opens February 12, 2010

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AdMonsters Network Ad Ops Forum

An AdMonsters event specifically designed for leaders in online technology and ad operations at advertising networks.

Event News & Updates

Keynote address: Chris Jay Hoofnagle of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology to present keynote address “Networks, Regulation and Privacy: Understanding where we are today” Read the pre-event Q and A with Mr. Hoofnagle.

Session announced: Laura Heian, Director Ad Operations at ContextWeb to cover recruiting talent & maintaining staff

Session announced: Matt Barash, Director Publisher Development at Fox Audience network will present “Keeping up with Acronym Explosion: Know your RTB from your DSP”

Session announced: Jennifer Witt, Director of North American Ad Operations at Adconion Media Group will present “Third Party Data Providers: selection, integration & evaluation”

AdMonsters, the global community of ad operations and on-line technology leaders will be hosting a one-day forum in San Francisco on June 17th specifically tailored for those who run or manage ad ops and technology teams at networks. Over the last 10 years, AdMonsters has proved an invaluable resource for senior leaders in publisher operations in both the US and in Europe and we will once again apply our unique format to this Network Ad Ops Forum specifically designed to address the particular needs of ad networks and exchanges.

Unlike other larger events, everything we do is led by those who are closest to the operations and technology side of the on-line advertising industry. This unique focus allows our members to get serious work done at the forum and return to their offices with specific, actionable tasks that have an immediate positive impact on their ability to deliver effectively and efficiently. Members quickly build up a large network of peers on whom they can rely to answer questions and with whom they can collaborate, long after the forums are complete.


It is the era of ad networks! From its targeting capabilities to the efficiencies offered in streamlining the buying and selling of display advertising, networks have become one of the most important areas in online advertising.

Networks however have a myriad of operational issues to contend with. Many of these issues mirror those of publishers and agencies and some are unique to networks themselves. In many ways, network operations leaders are on the cutting edge of the industry mirroring what the very first publishers and agencies to traffick online ads had to contend with.

It’s in that spirit that AdMonsters has developed an event to focus specifically on the operational issues of managing networks. The Network Ad Ops Forum is a one day designed for operation leaders at networks, publishers and agencies to gather in AdMonsters unique format to discuss issues specific to them and to look at ways to address operational challenges as well as share best practices on helping their respective companies generate efficiencies and most importantly revenue.

If you are responsible for the operations aspects of an online network, you do not want to miss this event.


Who should attend

It’s not just for Networks but for Publishers and Agencies as well.

The Network Ad Ops Forum is designed to cover ad operations issues specifically for networks. Networks are at the forefront of such issues as real time bidding, demand side platforms and the evolution of audience and data-driven advertising. Networks must have very efficient operations departments to deal with potentially hundreds of clients running on hundreds if not thousands of sites. Networks must be on top of privacy issues as regulation threatens their bread and butter.
In other words, many of the things publisher ad operations leaders must know about, network ad operations leaders are already doing.

  • If you are trying to launch or maintain a vertical network, this event is for you.
  • If you are trying to unscramble the multitude of acronyms from RTB to DSPs, this event is for you.
  • If you want to know how agencies are changing the way they buy, this event is for you.


Agenda Highlights

Keynote Address

Chris Jay HoofnagleChris Jay Hoofnagle
Berkeley Center for Law & Technology

Networks, Regulation and Privacy: Understanding Where We are Today

Existing self-regulatory rules for online privacy are crumbling because of their own irrelevance, heightened consumer anxiety about online profiling, and a new administration interested in protecting consumers dignitary interests from tracking.  The regulatory field is more crowded than ever–with advocates, agencies, and international bodies all considering regulations governing how information–whether personally identifiable or not–will be regulated.  These developments are important for operators, who will have to implement whatever policies are adopted, and who could have a profound impact upon privacy through design and through counseling their companies on the reality of now networks work.

Chris Jay Hoofnagle is Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology’s information privacy programs and senior fellow to the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic. He is an expert in information privacy law.

Read the pre-event Q and A with Mr. Hoofnagle.


Member Sessions

Matt Barash Director of Publisher Development Fox Audience NetworkMatt Barash
Director, Publisher Development
Fox Audience Network

Keeping up with the Acronym explosion: Know your RTB from your DSP

The days of simple online ad buying and selling are long gone. Relationships have changed. The principles have evolved and will continue to evolve.  In the trenches of this dynamic ecosystem are networks and their operations teams. This session will walk through the most recent trends in the market, the impact on networks and where operations should position themselves for success.

Matt Barash is the Director of Publisher Development for the Fox Audience Network, where he and his team have assembled and manage a portfolio of more than 800 third party publishers since launching in 2008. Matt has extensive third party ad network experience at both Traffic Marketplace and 24/7 Real Media, where he worked in various capacities on data, technology and strategic publisher partnerships.  Prior to entering the digital world, Matt held sales and strategy roles in both broadcast and print media at Discovery Communications, ESPN/ABC Sports, Conde Nast and Smithsonian. Matt holds a BA in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is based in New York City. 


Jennifer Witt AdconionJennifer Witt
Director of North American Ad Operations
Adconion Media Group

Third Party Data Providers: selection, integration & evaluation

As the online ad market evolves into an audience based economy, data is at the core of that change. For networks that work with third party data providers, picking the right partner and successful integration is critical. This presentation will walk through the decisions network Ad Ops teams must make to achieve revenue success.

Jennifer Witt is the Director of North American Advertising Operations for Adconion Media Group. Jennifer and her team maintain all trafficking and business intelligence for Adconion’s Audience Network and the Joost Video Content Network. With JVN’s debut at #2 on Comscore Video Metrix, 2010 has been a banner year for her team, allowing it to double in size. Before joining Adconion, Jennifer held analytical roles at Fox Interactive Media and She has a BS in Economics from the University of Oregon and recently relocated from Adconion’s Santa Monica office to their New York City office to localize ad operations.