Multichannel Messaging Made Easy

July 23, 2020

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1 pm EDT

The good news: there have never been so many extremely personal ways to communicate with your user base. Social media, email, push notifications—we’ve never had so many options for messaging users, and the ability to personalize based on medium and preferences. 

The bad news: holy cow, is it hard to manage all these messaging platforms and then optimize based on user cues. That’s right: we need a good strategy—and solid tools—to hold our multichannel messaging program together… And keep our sanity! 

Using statistics, examples, and real-world anecdotes, this webinar will dive into the key elements of a successful cross-platform messaging strategy, as well as what technology will bring it to life.

You’ll learn:

  • How to best personalize messaging across multiple platforms
  • Best practices for multichannel messaging for advertising
  • Taking cues from engagement data
  • How to determine what tools will further your multichannel strategy


Kim Komando
Chair, Founder & National Talk Host
WestStar Multimedia Entertainment






Jeff Kupietzky








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