Multichannel Messaging Made Easy

July 23, 2020

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1 pm EDT

Kim Komando is more than a radio talk show host broadcast nationally—she’s built a highly engaged virtual community that she keeps informed with newsletters, push notifications, social channels, and more. This gives her a unique viewpoint: she’s hearing directly from a tech and media-savvy audience about how digital transformation is reshaping their lives—what they like and don’t like—and then using that feedback to shape the way she monetizes her properties and builds trust with her community.

In this special webinar, AdMonsters Editorial Director Gavin Dunaway will discuss with Komando how she leverages her tight audience relationships to deliver highly relevant content and messaging through a variety of channels—and how she’s able to drive revenue while maintaining a quality user experience and respecting privacy concerns.

PowerInbox CEO Jeff Kupietzky also joins the conversation to add detail around tools and strategies for delivering smart messaging as well as maximizing revenue. Finally, Komando will also share her takeaways from her community on data privacy, digital media user experience, and in general how publishers can better serve their audiences.

You’ll learn:

  • How to best personalize messaging across multiple platforms
  • Best practices for multichannel messaging for advertising
  • Taking cues from engagement data
  • How to determine what tools will further your multichannel strategy


Kim Komando
Chair, Founder & National Talk Host
WestStar Multimedia Entertainment






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