How Top Publishers are Using VRM to Prep for UIDs, FLoCs and Revenue in a Cookieless Future

May 25, 2021

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3:00 PM ET

With all the uncertainty about the cookieless future, as a publisher, there’s really only one way to future-proof your business: grow relationships with your visitors.

There is no single “silver bullet” technology — whether it’s Universal IDs, FLoCs or subscriptions — that will save publisher revenue and jobs in a post-cookie world. Instead of yet another webinar focused on a confusing array of UID providers and uncertain ROI for your 2021 efforts, in this webinar, you’ll learn about two visitor-first publisher efforts that should be your primary focus right now, in preparation for the uncertainty of 2022.

Come hear how top publishers are preparing for 2022 with Registration Walls (“Regwalls”) for Email, Accounts, Identity, Donations and Subscriptions, and Maximizing FLoC-able Inventory.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to launch and hone your regwall strategy to grow 1st party data/consent and fuel UID-based revenue in Safari/Firefox in 2021+ and post-cookie Chrome in 2022+
  • How to navigate the growing “FLoC Block” by ad and tracking blockers worldwide
  • How to increase and diversify revenue now with donations & subscriptions, even before third-party cookies go away


Derek Nicol
VP, Advertising Technologies







Kevin Cooper
SVP, Digital
Boone Newspapers







Arvid Tchivzhel
GM Digital
Mather Economics







Rob Beeler
Founder & CEO







Dan Rua
Admiral: The Visitor Relationship Management Company