Publisher Forum US I

June 27, 1999

AdMonsters I, our first conference, was held June 27-30, 1999 in Sea Island,
Georgia. We had 16 member attendees from 11 companies, and this was the first,
last, and only time we had to wear ties at dinner. On the other hand, we did get
to joyride golf carts on the beach.


Clockwise, from the right hand head of the “U”, on Monday:

  • Rick Galvin — WB Online
  • Mike Stoeckel — CNN
  • Diane King — Time New Media
  • Vanessa Rayes — Time New Media
  • Myles Collins — Tech Proj Lead Lycos
  • Bowen Dwelle — Dir Ad Tech, Lycos (via Wired Digital)
  • Vance Nakamoto — Dir Ops, Lycos West (via WhoWhere)
  • Monty Mullig — CNN
  • Chuck Gaffert — Dir Ad Tech, AOL
  • Elizabeth Hobby — Dir Ad Ops, Discovery Online
  • Ken Craig — Dir Internet Ad & Reporting Systems, CNN
  • Mark Budos — Sr. Engineer, Infoseek (ex Starwave)
  • Celia Debenedetti — Mgr eng/ops “digital marketing”, Excite@Home
  • Christine Chau — Mgr, ad sales system & content reporting, Excite@Home
  • Zach Bram — Wash Post/Newsweek