Bowen Dwelle speaks of operational excellence at DPAC conference

Bowen Dwelle, founder and CEO of AdMonsters, spoke at the second Digital Publishing and Advertising conference (DPAC II) on Tuesday, October 27, 2008 in New York on the need for a renewed focus on operational excellence. In his presentation, “Operations Reality Check”, Bowen incorporated themes from the conference: continued growth – hampered by crippling inefficiencies – in online media and advertising, and a broad economic downturn, and demonstrated how these factors point to the need for greater investment in online advertising operations. “Online ad operations is far more strategic than commonly considered to be. The ‘ad ops success story’ is twofold: bringing better value to customers through higher-quality advertising results, and bringing better value to media organizations themselves by providing critical business intelligence for strategic management.” As David Cohen of Universal McCann pointed out during an earlier panel session, “the ‘flight to digital’ will continue, but the downturn will weed out companies that cannot operate efficiently.” Building on David’s comment, Bowen said, “David couldn’t have stated it more clearly – online media leaders must spend more time in ‘operations territory’ if they want to survive the challenging times ahead. In fact, the “downturn” is also an opportunity, and companies that can operate efficiently will be rewarded, more than ever.”