The AdMonsters Daily Digest – Tuesday 31 July 2012

The AdMonsters Daily Digest - Tuesday 31 July

Welcome to the AdMonsters Daily Digest! We scour the news for digital advertising and operations news every day so you don’t have to – we’re nice like that. 

 We’ll be updating this page throughout the day but have a peruse of all the news you can use (that’s right – I did it) below. Happy reading!

Future grows digital revenue by a third

As Future pushes it’s ‘digital first’ proposition the company has posted an interim management statement demonstrating strong digital growth. Get the full story on The Drum

Facebook’s New Ads APIs Provide Revenue Opportunity

A series of companies are seizing the opportunity provided by Facebook’s new ads APIs. These companies, including Nanigans, Buddy Media, and Blinq, have integrated tools into their software that utilize Facebook’s new tools, including mobile-specific targeting, premium ad sales, and the ability to track and optimize for on-site conversions. These APIs have been added to Facebook as the company pushes for more revenue following its less-than-stellar IPO dip. TechCrunch lays it out.

The Mobile Vampire?

In other Facebook news, Mashable reports that Facebook isn’t the only one struggling to make mobile advertising work. “At the moment, though, the mobile advertising segment is known for its destructive power — it’s a vampire, sucking the net worth out of Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Google.” The digital media industry is finding the mobile shift to be far less profitable than desktop. Smaller screens mean less ad space, and the creativity that seems necessary to really take advantage of mobile’s functionalities for interesting campaigns can be pricey. Read more on Mashable.

Sleeping Giants: Medialets

In an interview with The Ad Tech Review, Eric Litman, CEO of Medialets, breaks down the importance of mobile rich media. With mobile devices so embedded in our daily lives, Litman sees an incredible opportunity for advertisers to reach users at a personal and social level. Litman sees mobile as a challenge and an opportunity, and Medialets hopes to ease friction in the operational process at a big scale. 

Are tablets the future of advertising?

Sue Unerman takes an in-depth look at device diversification and the future of advertising on tablets. Read it here.


Ad Effectiveness Patent Battle Brews – comScore Sues DoubleVerify, Moat, AdSafe

In an interesting legal move, comScore filed suit against DoubleVerify, AdSafe Media, and Moat, three smaller analytics companies. comScore has sued for alleged infringement on its intellectual property, including at least four patents it was granted rights to after a legal battle with Nielsen in 2011. comScore may be hoping for a quick settlement by the smaller companies, or it may be plotting for the companies to be distracted from their future goals by the legal battle. What does this mean for ops? Perhaps fewer ad effectiveness solutions options going forward. Check it out at AdExchanger.