The AdMonsters Daily Digest – Tuesday 24 July 2012

Welcome to the AdMonsters Daily Digest! We scour the news for digital advertising and operations news every day (well weekday – we’re not robots) so you don’t have to, we’re nice like that.

We’ll be updating this page throughout the day but have a peruse of all the news you can use (that’s right – I did it) below. Happy reading!

Facebook’s 1st Status Update

The NY times posts a thought-provoking piece prior to Facebook revealing their first public earnings (26 June) since their Initial Public Offering. Facebook has charmed wall street but has it charmed Madison Ave? Read more here.

Why Did You Click Me?

Read this fascinating case study on the science behind click-throughs to delve into why people click – is there such thing as a bad click? Is there internet noise? Ted McConnell placed a blank ad on a site to find out more – read it here

Monsters of Innovation @AdMonsters Screens

AdMonsters have proudly partnered with our friends over at The Drum to launch Monsters of Innovation Europe – exclusively as part of AdMonsters Screens in London. This will be a showcase of some of the most exciting start-ups and innovators in the digital ad and technology space. Read more here

Data, Data Everywhere but Nothing for Consumers

The buzzword in digital advertising at current is most certainly data – what do we as markers and publishers do with it? How do we best utilize it to put the right ad in front of the right person? But what about the consumer? What about their rights to their own data that we so freely trade? Read more in the NYtimes

What is Yahoo?

The NY times takes a deep-dive into Marrissa Mayer’s appointment at Yahoo and looks at the companies long-term credentials. Read more here.