The AdMonsters Daily Digest – Monday 6 August 2012

Ghostery, Apple and the Rise of the Tech Stack...

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Verve Wireless on Apple’s UDID

As mobile spending increases at a rapid pace (nearly 100% up YOY for 2012 now at a whopping $2.3bn) Tom MacIsaac of location based ad targeter Verve Wireless talks the mobile landscape and the implications of Apple’s proposed new UDID (Unique Device Identifier) – read it on AdExchanger

FT’s John Ridding: Paywalls and Passion

MediaWeek delves into the big brain of the Financial Time’s CEO on the benefits and challenges facing Publishers who opt for the Paywall and analyses the FT’s successes. Read on MediaWeek here.

Scared of Ghostery?

You needn’t be according to Evidon. The Privacy giant addresses concerns around its business model by consumers in this insightful and thoughtful blogpost

The Tech Stack

Exchange Wire tackles the subject of the technology stack. What is a stack? What’s the appeal? And who are the players keen to position themselves in this brave new world? Read more here